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Bath Commercial Tree Contractors​

Regardless of whether you’re a personal landowner with a small piece of land that you want cleared or a property developer who has a large plot of land that you want cleared for a new development project our tree service specialists will deliver a total site clearance solution for you.

Our team has been performing a comprehensive spectrum of site clearance agreements throughout Bath for several years and come with a wide range of practical experience. Our comprehensive series of plant & machinery enables us to tackle any project from small-scale personal customers to large scale business arrangements.

Our professional machinery including shredder, flail, mulcher, tub grinders and stump grinder are used for safety, efficiency and speed, and also specialist pruning and tree removal is carried out by our specialist tree surgeons who are knowledgable in site clearance in difficult situations.

Land Clearance & Tree Clearance

We have worked together with a large variety of customers who need tree clearance & land clearance services. Everything from homeowners who may have to clear their land for a construction project, such as a new drive or want their garden cleared to large scale business contracts including land clearing for leisure centres, golf clubs, shopping centres, building developers etc. Regardless of what your land clearing or tree clearing needs you can rely on our staff for reliability, safe working and reliable machinery for the task at hand.

Tree Protection Orders (TPO’s) And Tree Conservation Orders

In the UK a large number of trees are protected. Trees with a trunk size in excess of 75mm at a trunk height of 1.5 metres are quite likely to be included within the comprehensive conservation area cover. Trees will have to be reviewed to see whether they are subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or if the tree(s) lie within a Conservation Area by getting in touch with your local authority prior to scheduling any work. We can help with the checks and applications for work. Our team are all fully qualified to CSCS, (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) and NPTC (National Proficiency Test Council) plus always comply fully with RIDDOR, COSH, LOLER and PUWER regulations. They are also equipped to promptly and properly remove trees of any dimensions. Our site clearance services consist of:

  • Removing plant life
  • Tree removal and tree felling Stump removal
  • Green waste clearing
  • Woodland control
  • Liaising with local authorities

Let us take care of all your commercial or domestic tree surgery needs!

Require A Tree Felling Or Disassembling

The tree surgeons that we work with are are pros in the correct taking down of cumbersome, big and unsafe trees inside confined places. They are skilled at navigating tight spaces and minimising noise and disruption.

A range of tree removal procedures can be used including sectional dismantling, directional felling, specialist winch operations or the use of cranes. It all depends on the available space as to which method they will use.

Tree Felling

This is when the tree is cut at its base and then it falls to the ground without damaging anything. This method of removing a tree is best used when there is no risk that it will cause any damage to people or property. But, large trees may not be able to be felled in this way due to the amount of space required to fell a tree.

Tree Dismantling

This is useful to avoid any damage to property or persons, in areas where there is not a lot of space. It takes a lot of skill to cut down trees in sections. Start at the top of the tree and cut into manageable sections. Then, safely and under control, the tree is lowered to ground using lowering ropes and/or slings. In some cases, a crane may be used.

The tree surgeons that we work with are skilled at navigating tight spaces. They use the latest rigging techniques for the safe removal of trees from your garden.

To prevent the the tree falling in the wrong direction, they always use ropes and slings. They may also use wedges to stop it from going the other way.

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Let us take care of all your commercial or domestic tree surgery needs!

Tree Removal Due To Storm Damage

We recommend that you contact a professional tree surgeon to help you with any fallen trees or trees damaged from storms or lightening. It is very dangerous for non-trained people to try and deal with a fallen tree, as there are many objects that could be trapped underneath or around the tree, as well as any live power lines. The tree surgeons have a lot of experience and are able to remove any tree debris properly.

Dealing With Trees Damaged In A Storm

Although they’re usually seen as being really sturdy and everlasting, trees can become at risk in extreme weather like strong winds & storms. Intense storms and very high winds have been seen to wipe out trees and rip even the sturdiest and healthiest trees out of the ground, sending them toppling to the ground, or onto vehicles, buildings, neighbours’ gardens and power lines.

How many times after strong winds have you heard of storm-damaged trees & dislodged branches blocking the road or damaging property. Aside from the inconvenience and danger it also will result in expensive restorations.

The most difficult decision following a storm isn’t specifically how to remove the trees that are definitely down, that’s more or less straightforward. The harder decision is whether any of the trees still standing are salvageable.

Some trees that have been moderately damaged in the storm may present a potential risk and might have to be cut down and took away to avoid putting property & people at risk in many months or even years ahead.

Other trees may be saved by being trimmed back, with their worst injured sections being ‘severed’ much like how an operating surgeon will take off a gangrenous leg. Others might need to be staked down with guy wires or supported with other supports up until they can re-develop the root structure they have to have to stand on their own.

If a storm has caused trees to land on buildings, our tree specialists can be trusted to take away the injured trees quickly, safely and efficiently to allow the building and construction crews access to the building to begin repair work on the affected buildings and power cables.

Different Types Of Storm Damage

Each of these types of damage creates a varied outlook for the trees’ potential survival, however making a prognosis is a job ideally left to a fully qualified arborist. An unqualified amateur is much more liable to overlook a small detail that might just separate one decision from another, such as observing the splinters from a crown twist but overlooking the slight lean which reveals that the roots also failed.

There are basically 6 kinds of storm damage which a tree can’t normally stand up to:

  • Blowovers – these are where the entire tree is uprooted.
  • Stem Failures – this is where the trunk of the tree splits above the earth, making the trees crown to fall or bend strongly even though the bottom section stays standing normally.
  • Root Failures – is where the root systems of the tree split underneath the earth, leading to the tree bending or swaying dramatically.
  • Limb Failures – is where several branches of the tree fall off.
  • Crown Twists – is where the trunk of the tree rotates enough to splinter, but stays up. This happens most frequently on trees with extremely unbalanced crowns. The entire crown effectively becomes a weathervane in a storm, twisting to follow the wind in a way that the trunk can’t.
  • Lightening Strikes – When lightening strikes the tree gets burned and electrocuted, but stays up, at the moment. Lightening hits have a lot of secondary effects including opening a large amount of surface area up to pests and vermin and massive water loss, so a tree hit by lightening is always at a very much greater risk to fall even if it survived the initial storm.

Let us take care of all your commercial or domestic tree surgery needs!

Preserving Storm Damaged Trees

Our tree professionals will not only remove upended trees safely and securely and with no more damage to property, but they will also be able to give you functional guidance on just how to save or preserve existing trees that are still left standing, despite the fact that they could have been broken in the storm. Our highly qualified staff can review the situation on your residential or commercial property and explain to you which trees have gotten a lot of damage that they’d die despite the fact that they were properly raised and replanted.

24-Hour Emergency Tree Removal Call Out Service

If you find your self in need of a local 24 hour emergency tree surgeon then our professional tree surgeons will get on site at the very first possibility to examine the problem and inform you of all remedial methods provided.

If we can’t fully get rid of the tree, we’ll at the very least restore a good level of easy access and come back at the very first opportunity to perform a complete & safe clearing of your fallen tree. Our emergency tree removal services are even appropriate for any incidents including traffic accidents. We are able to also examine the surrounding trees for any concealed harm and dismantle and remove the affected tree if needed.

Tree Removal Service Bath

Even on the floor, tree surgery needs experience & technical skill, it is a lot more involved than merely taking a chainsaw to a tree. Without any proper equipment, experience and competence, you should never attempt tree surgery. If the tree fell because of damages, there can be even more dangers of other failing branches. Certainly never risk your own personal basic safety to remove a fallen branch, contact your local Bath tree surgeon professionals.
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Let us take care of all your commercial or domestic tree surgery needs!